5 Reasons Why You Should Be Videoconferencing

Remote working arrangements are quickly becoming more common among businesses. Remote workers work from home or from other locations besides the home office, and can even work in different states. There are several benefits of being a remote worker, but it can seem isolated at times without the face to face contact of being in an office setting. However, video-conferencing is a great way to solve that issue. This article will discuss five reasons why you should be video-conferencing.

1. Reinforce Business Relationships

One great reason why you should be video-conferencing is that it helps to reinforce and strengthen your business relationships. Seeing your business partners and colleagues helps you get to know them better, and video-conferencing helps you to do that. Through the use of video-conferencing, you are able to see each other when speaking and learn more about others’ personalities and get to know them on a deeper level. Additionally, it is much easier to work with someone that you see on a regular basis because you have a visual, rather than just hearing their voice. Making yourself seen by others is also a benefit, as they will get to know you better and you can earn their trust more easily, possibly opening doors for yourself in the future.

2. Save Time

The use of video-conferencing is also a great way to save yourself some time. It allows you to avoid the time consuming and sometimes expensive task of travelling to attend meetings, thus increasing your productivity level. That way you can use the time you would have spent travelling to complete more work and be more productive. This is especially important for remote workers, as being productive is a sure sign of your worth since you are not in the office on a daily basis.

3. Save Money

As mentioned above, another reason to use video-conferencing is to save money. You company will save a great deal of money that would have been spent on travel expenses by using video-conferencing. Also, you would not need to pay for meeting rooms or other charges that can add up.

4. Judge Reactions

Another reason you should be video-conferencing is because it helps you to judge non-verbal reactions of your colleagues. It is a common fact in the business world that non-verbal reactions are just as important as verbal reactions. By video-conferencing, you can see the person’s facial expressions and body language instead of relying solely on their words. Being able to read body language and facial expressions is an important aspect of communication and can help you know where to take the conversation next.

5. Do Business Any Time

Video-conferencing also allows for you to do business at any time. It can allow you to conduct a meeting with someone who is in a different time zone without having to worry about staying late in the office or arranging a meeting time that works for everyone involved. Conventional office hours are not a burden when you have the option of video-conferencing from any location of your choosing. And to a remote worker, the freedom of being able to work whenever, wherever, is the best benefit of all.

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