Cloud Communications in Elgin, IN

Cloud based telephone solutions are becoming more popular for businesses of all sizes as a way to become more productive while spending less money to do so. Rather than owning the equipment needed to achieve the same results, business owners allow a company to run and maintain their communications from the cloud. This saves a lot of money in the purchase of equipment. This also means savings in time and money since there are no software upgrades about which to worry or Purchase.

VIPedge for Business Communication in Elgin, IL

If your company is looking for a solution to their growth vs. communications problems, Toshiba’s VIPEdge could be just the answer you have been searching for. This robust, award winning cloud based solution will grow with your company regardless of how dynamic that growth may be, and saves you thousands upon thousands per year. Here is how it works.

  • Businesses pay a small monthly rate rather than entering into a lengthy and costly physical communications agreement and purchasing or leasing all the necessary equipment.
  • Based upon Toshiba’s award winning IPEdge architecture, these companies get the same, feature rich telephone equipment and only pay per use rather than an expensive package or service.
  • The VIPEdge cloud based telephone solution comes complete with an entire arsenal of features including everything a growing company needs in today’s competitive markets. This includes the IP5000 desk telephone series as well as the wireless telephones in the IP4100 series.
  • By paying based solely upon the company’s size and their usage of the package, the payment is more in proportion to the growth of the company, making it far more affordable. It is the ideal system for any growing company that has an eye on its bottom line.

Features & Advantages of VIPEdge in Elgin, IL

VIPedge ElginOther great features that are provided through the use of a cloud based system is the space that is saved without having to harbor onsite telephone equipment and automatic survivability via the cloud. This means no costly downtime that eats up profits and causes massive delays and wage expenses for unmanned phones. As your business grows, the system is very easily expandable to meet the growth needs that would otherwise skyrocket usual costs by purchasing extra equipment. Cloud based services provided by VIPEdge is the most cost efficient solution for startups and small businesses that need all of the capital they can get to grow quickly.

VIPEdge – The Complete Business Telephone System in Elgin, IL

The VIPedge Telephony solutions package comes with all the great features you would get if you otherwise purchased the equipment and solutions packages offered for non cloud services. This includes the complete business telephone systems and its full range of features, voicemail with unified messaging, and if you go with the IP5000 series phones, you have complete call and system control from your business computer.

VIPEdge – Affordable Cloud Based Solution in Elgin, IL

These features also include presence and instant messaging the businesses computers and Android phones. The ability to make calls from the company’s mobile devices in exactly the same manner as the company desk phones is also included with the surprisingly affordable cloud based solution.

Choice Between On-Premise or Cloud Based Solutions in Elgin, IL

While a small to medium sized business could benefit from either an on-premise telephone solutions purchase or a cloud based solution, the cloud based solution does have certain advantages that make it the obvious choice among businesses.

  • No purchases of costly equipment or equipment servicing charges
  • The monthly fee is provided on a fixed rate for those companies that have to operate on a very tight budget
  • Save time and money through the elimination of the need for software updates or upgrades
  • Far less space requirements with far fewer equipment purchases
  • No need to worry about paying for management of the cloud telephony computing system
  • The service grows with the business, expanding easily to new users or even new sites or offices
  • Even after expansion, the budgeted monthly fee is only based upon size and usage
  • Need for back-up systems eliminated through cloud survivability

Tri-Tel and VIPEdge in Elgin, IL 

Tri-Tel Technical Services and Toshiba are the perfect solutions to small and medium sized business communication problems. Solve them all today with the VIPedge package and save tons of money over the purchase of costly equipment and maintenance. As a matter of fact, with Toshiba’s VIPEdge, you can have the capability of making calls, even to international phone numbers. This is a huge advantage if you have multi site locations, and you need to have contact with your offshore employees every now and then. With these new technologies within your reach, it is very easy to reach your goals, and especially that of your business.

With Toshiba VIPEdge, you are able to avail of a package that is jam-packed with all the things that you need, from the complete features, and additional services such as unified messaging, voicemail, soft phone, as well as call manager mobile applications. This complete suite of communications makes the system more mobile as the applications can be accessed from the PC. As a result, presence, as well as instant messaging becomes efficient and easy. Thus, it will provide an extensive solution to your business needs, adding value to your business, and removes headaches with the expenses involved in owning your personal telephone system.

Tri-Tel & Quality Support for VIPEdge in Elgin, IL

The service, provided by Tri-Tel Technical Services, comes with the world renowned installation and customer service Tri-Tel is known for. The equipment is superior, feature rich, and easily controlled via a computer from our office itself. This also means the superior sound quality Toshiba is famous for and freedom from the costs involved with management of the system and outrageous up front expenditures of capital.

Tri-Tel brings VIPEdge to you with years of knwoledge and experience on working on the product. Our engineers are trained by Toshiba and re-trained when needed. For the best local support on VIPEdge, we are the best.

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