For all our clients in Chicago Metro, Northernwestern Indiana, Rockford, Elgin, and Schaumburg, Tri-Tel is proud to offer a host of products and solutions for your commnunication requirements. Choose from:

  • IP Telephony – Toshiba’s IPEdge that so smartly holds your hand and takes you into the beautiful new world of IP based communication.
  • The Strata CIX VoIP communication technology that is built to cater to all types of business sizes with 440 trunks and 1000 extensions.
  • Cloud based telephony – Toshibal’s VIPEdge
  • IP Telephone devices
  • Digital telephones
  • Mobility solutions including IP user mobility, Follow-Me, uMobility, and Toshiba’s SIP DECT phones.

Cloud based telephony is becoming popular for businesses of all sizes as a way to become more productive while spending less money. Rather than owning expensive PBX equipment, business owners allow a provider to run their communications from the cloud as a service.  In addition to saving capital expenses, the service provider takes care of the exchange and all related expenses such as application, hardware, and software upgrades. And, as a added sweetener, you get enterprise level features.

VIPEdge – the solution for business communication problems

If your company is looking for a solution to growth vs. communications problems, Toshiba’s VIPEdge could be just the answer you have been looking for. This robust, award winning cloud based solution will grow with your company regardless of how dynamic that growth may be, and save you thousands every year. Here is how it works.

You pay a small monthly rate rather than entering into a lengthy and costly physical communications agreement and purchasing or leasing all the necessary equipment.

Based upon Toshiba’s award winning IPEdge architecture, you get the same feature rich telephone system and only pay per use rather than for the while expensive package.

The VIPEdge cloud based telephone solution comes complete with an entire arsenal of features including everything a growing company needs in today’s competitive markets. This includes the IP5000 desk telephone series as well as the wireless telephones in the IP4100 series.

By charging solely upon the company’s size and usage of the package, the telecommunication expenses are more in proportion to the size and growth of the company, making it far more affordable for you. It is the ideal system for any growing company that has an eye on its bottom line. As you grow, you can ask for more extensions and also opt for added features that are just waiting to be used.

Other Advantages

You also save space that would have been used up by the in-house PBX, plus of course the air conditioning, and other setup costs. Having developed enterprise level infrastructure on the cloud, Toshiba offers 100% uptime. You are completely saved from downtime that eats up profits and causes massive delays and other expenses for unmanned phones. As your business grows, the system expands with you to meet your growth needs. As compared to this, an on-premise PBX would mean additional capital expenses, training, and reprogramming costs. Cloud based telephony and related services provided by VIPEdge is the most cost efficient solution for startups and small businesses that need all of the capital they can get to grow quickly.

The Complete Business Telephone System

The VIPedge Telephony solutions package comes with a host of great features used by Fortune 500 companies. This includes a complete business telephone system and its full range of features, voicemail with Unified Messaging, and the ability to control everything from your own computer. Also included are Presence and instant messaging on your desktop computers, laptops and Android phones. The ability to make calls your mobile devices in exactly the same manner as your desk phones is also included with the surprisingly affordable cloud based solution.

A surprisingly affordable cloud based system

VIPedge comes at a surprising affordable price. You have the freedom to choose what features you want to use and for how many people within your office. You can also decide which extension (or end point as we call it) gets which features. Call us today for pricing!

On-Premise or cloud based? Which is right for you?

While a small to medium sized business could benefit from either an on-premise telephone solutions purchase or a cloud based solution, the cloud based solution does have certain advantages that make it the obvious choice among businesses.

  • No purchases of costly equipment or equipment servicing charges
  • The monthly fee are fixed depending upon features and number of end points chosen
  • Save time and money through the elimination of the need for software updates or upgrades
  • Far less space requirements with fewer equipment purchases
  • No need to worry about paying for management of the cloud computing system
  • The service grows with the business, expanding easily to new users or even new sites or offices
  • Even after expansion, the budgeted monthly fee is only based upon size and usage
  • Need for back-up systems eliminated through assured cloud survivability

Tri-Tel and Toshiba

VIPEdge and all other Tohsiba products and services are brough to you by Tri-Tel Technical Services that comes with world renowned installation and customer service. What you get is a combination of world class product, aand local support and high quality services from the experienced technicians at Tri-Tel. You get superior sound quality and a feature rich package without the hassles of choosing a PBX, and maintaining it month after month.

Tri-Tel Technical Services and Toshiba are the perfect combination to resolve communication issues for small and medium sized businesses. Solve them all today with the VIPedge and other products from Toshiba and save tons of money over the purchase of costly equipment and maintenance expenses.

Call us today to help you undertand what IP Telephony is all about, and how it can take you smoothly to the next level in business communication. Surprise your clients with instant responses. Give your employees the freedom to move about, and yet be in touch with clients, vendors, and colleagues.

Get on the modern communication system with Tri-Tel’s help today.