Strata CIX IP Communications in Elgin, IL

In order for your small to medium business to experience growth, you must have a communication system that will grow with it. In today’s customer service driven business model, how you communicate with your customers over the phone is at least as important as how you communicate with them in person. In addition to customer service, productivity also improves as your staff becomes more connected with each other, saving valuable time and improving work on team projects and goals.

Strata CIX IP Business Telephone Systems Enables Growth in Elgin, IL

strata elginThat is why the Toshiba Strata CIX IP Communication System is popular among companies that expect or are experiencing dynamic growth. At Tri-Tel Technical Services, we believe in our customers and in our ability to help them grow and succeed. With our free phone system analysis, we can assess not only what you need now, but which system you will need to carry you far into the future. Tri-Tel has an affordable solution for every level of communication need, including yours.

• Small or Start-ups

The Strata CIX-40 is for the small business or startup that needs a system that is not complicated yet offers a variety of communication solutions that ensure growth. The CIX-40 can be configured to support anywhere from 4 to 11 trunks (A direct link between two Communication Centers) or between 8 and 40 individual telephones.

The CIX-100 provides solutions for fast growth in those companies that are still considered new but are on the fast track. The CIX-100 supports a configuration for 64 trunks or can be configured to individual telephones numbering 72. It can also adapt to support a combination of the two (Both trunk and telephones) up to 112 total.

• Medium Sized Business

The CIX 200 is configurable to 96 trunks, 160 phones, or combinations up to 196.
The CIX 670 takes on 264 trunks, 564 telephones and combos up to an impressive 672.

• Large Businesses

Among the many features of the CIX 1200 is the ability to support configurations for 440 trunks, up to 1,000 unique telephones, and a combination of the two of up to 1152.

Upgrading your communication to Strata CIX IP in Elgin, IL

  • An enhanced service experience for you and your customers
  • The ability to share files and projects among staff members and between more than one location
  • Improved inter-office and office to office communications reduces mistakes and miscommunications
  • Eliminate the need for a long distance service providers, saving money, paperwork, and resources with one less bill to process company wide, regardless of the size or number of office locations in your company

Money Saving with Strata CIX IP in Elgin, IL

  • The Strata CIX family of systems has a unique quality that makes them indispensible to business owners. They save time and money through a series of advanced, well thought out features. Here are just a few of these unique features.
  • The CIX ensures the least expensive carrier handles your outgoing calls automatically, rerouting each and every individual call with no noticeable time delay or fanfare.
  • The CIX family connects to services of digital high speed with ease, again with no fanfare or delay in time.
  • Maximizes savings by minimizing long distance costs using Voice over IP technology
  • Strata CIX systems give your business the ability to restrict long distance access in individual or high risk locations.
  • Simplified billing and enhanced management decision making is achieved through the process of pattern analysis and evaluation of incoming and out-going calls.
  • Finds No Charge services for calls made between your business locations
  • More Amazing Solution Features of Strata CIX IP Telephone Systems in Elgin, IL

Outside the Box Intuition Technology of Strata CIX IP in Elgin, IL

The intuitive technology used in the Strata CIX family takes the complicated out of telecommunications and affords every member of your company easy to use, easy to understand access. The onscreen LED instruction displays are easy to comprehend and follow. Power does not have to be complicated, as is proven by the powerful Strata CIX Solution Packages that are available to every size of business.

• Amazing Survivability Mode Saves Thousands

The built in survivability mode of the Strata CIX family eliminates downtime by automatically registering with a secondary system should the first system fail for any reason. Amazingly, once the first system resolves and revives, the Strata CIX is programmed to re-establish itself with the first system seamlessly. This one smart, forward thinking survival “instinct” feature can save your business thousands of dollars otherwise lost in downtime all by itself.

• A Multitude of Money Saving Add-ons on a Single Host Platform

The Strata Media Application Server, or MAS, can host a multitude of applications designed as add-ons or plug-ins all on a single platform. These money saving features like Third Party CTI and FeatureFlex tools include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, a unified integration of messaging and fax, voice mail with auto-attendant, text to speech, and auto voice speech recognition applications. These extras are designed for ease of use and money saving solutions that simply cannot be matched by any other system in a cost effective manner.

• The Perfect Set of Features

The ability to build or design the perfect combination of features into your individual telephones allows you to save money and further simplify the Strata communication solution package that is just right for your company’s needs. Toshiba offers a choice in predesigned phones that combine feature rich functionality with money saving choices.

Tr-Tel Expertise on Strata CIX IP in Elgin

The Tri-Tel award winning Support and Installation Services are the best around. Regardless of what you need help with, Tri-Tel support is just a phone, email, or fax away. If you are relocating the entire office and system or just need help setting the time on your telephone, our customer and technical support team is eager to help. We have years of experience on the Strata CIX system and our engineers are trained and retrained on the product and it’s features regularly. No one can come near to knowing Strata CIX as well as we do.

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