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What are the common objectives of a business? Typically, a business owner would want to implement a technology that increases productivity and sales of their business with the least cost possible. Thanks to the advancements in technology, the Internet has paved its way to IP telecommunications solution. One such solution is the introduction of Toshiba’s IPEdge. There are a lot of advantages to this technology. Thinking about the overall benefits, that is, to enhance the way your business works, will surely encourage you to take advantage of the benefits being offered by the IPEdge technology.

But the real question is, do you really need it for your business? To understand your company’s motivation in allowing this technology enter your business life, it is vital to recognize several factors contributed by this technology. In turn, it will be easy to say that you have just acquired for yourself an edge over your competitors with the use of IPEdge telecommunications solution. This system is quite popular nowadays and many businesses are already taking advantage of it.

Get the Edge for Your Business with IPEdge in Schaumburg, IL

IPedge Schaumburg

Whether you have a small, medium, or large sized business, it can be considered that one of the very important assets in your business is telecommunications systems. The best system provides you the capability to attract attention from customers, thus increasing productivity of employees, and in turn saving money and enhancing your reputation by improving customer service satisfaction. There are a lot of businesses in the industry. This simply implies that competition is tough. Because of this, it is vital to have an edge over your other competitors. With this edge, aside from obtaining your business objectives, you can also enhance your functionalities.

Regardless whether you have just opened your business, or perhaps currently planning on reconstructing your telecommunications structure, communications will always be the secret to retaining your customers and maintaining their level of satisfaction. Not only does this involve your customers, but also your employees and vendors. Thus, it can be said that it benefits all the parties involved. Toshiba’s IPEdge is a technology that allows you to network multiple systems in order to expand the capacity of your system as well as enhance integration in between decentralized site.

Installation of IPEdge in Schaumburg, IL

It can be said that Toshiba’s IPEdge integrates the capability of multiple telecommunication applications in just one optimized and enhanced server platform. There are certain standard applications that include features such as call processing, centralized system administration and voicemail. There are also applications that are considered optional. This includes web collaboration. This feature, together with call manager unified communications, can simultaneously run multiple applications in just one server, rather than requiring individual servers for each of the applications, thus delivering significant savings on purchasing equipment, as well as ongoing maintenance expenses.

The installation process also offers convenience of use. The interface is made up of intuitive features that are so easy to use. Even beginners can simply perform and match the processes involved in using the traditional methods. The display features are easy to read, with all its simple instructions as well as voice mail controls which are available on the screen. The buttons are also programmable which makes sure that your mostly used features just a touch away.

Advantages of IPEdge in Schaumburg, IL

There are several advantages of using the IPEdge technology. Here are some of them:

• Convenience for users

IPEdge helps users to stay connected to customers wherever they may be. At the same time, it can also keep the employees of your business ultimately productive. Also, the users can also choose the endpoint devices to use that meets their unique needs. For instance, you can select from different telephones, and other devices such as notebook computers, wireless IP telephones that can be used through Wireless LAN, cellular service, add on features, attendant consoles, DSS consoles, and also analog and SIP telephones.

• Productivity goes mobile

Toshiba’s IPEdge is composed of a powerful lineup of different wireless capabilities that allows integration of different voice communication devices as well as applications through the IP network, thus making it possible to expand to full telephone mobility not just to local, but also to remote users.

• Unified Communications

With the help of the Call Manager Application, users are allowed to combine different capabilities of the computer, and integrating them into a single communication tool which is considered extremely powerful. Thus, you have the capability to use your mouse in dialing, answering, transferring calls, and many more, without the need to pick up the phone.

Features Provided by IPEdge in Schaumburg, IL

There are also a number of support and features offered by this technology. Here are some of them:

The Three C’s

The three C’s stands for collaboration, communication and connection. With the help of the IPEdge meeting application, users are given the opportunity to have dial in audio conferencing as well as web collaboration with desktop sharing, scheduling, usage reporting, conference recording, and many more. Also, they are web based, thus different users may simply attend a session of collaboration anywhere they may be in the network. All they need to do is to dial in to the audio conferencing anywhere through PSTN. Also, there is no need to require installation. What is needed is just Internet connection.

Flexibility of Voicemail Features

The integration of voice processing applications offers the capability of improving customer service by offering the callers with fixed attention and access to different information. As a matter of fact, the Voicemail capability is built in the VIPEdge and can be used without the need to purchase additional equipment. Also, it is flexible, which allows you to tailor fit your voice processing depending on requirements.

Efficiency of Contact Center Options

In this case, there is no need to have a big call center in order to manage calls and call distributions. Toshiba has its own contact center solutions which are capable of serving customers in a timely manner. At the same time it is also cost effective, thus providing a huge advantage over competitors.

Tri-Tel and IPEdge in Schaumburg, IL

Tri-Tel has been installing and supporting IPEdge for customers in Schaumburg for quite some time now. We are Toshiba’s referred vendor, and our technicians have taken specialized training from Toshiba.

To get the best of your communication needs with IPEdge, there is no better local support organisation you can call other than Tri-Tel. Use Tri-Tel expertise and our practical knowledge to help you take a quantum leap in your communication system.

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