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Today’s business structure sees the telecommunications platform as one of the top key components for a successful collaboration among networks of internal and external contacts. Because of this, the importance of having a sound telecom system cannot be understated. Entrepreneurs who are fully aware of the scenario have long made decisions to upgrade the phone systems in favor of a highly organized and richly compatible technology for unparalleled benefits by its users. One of these systems that have been lauded by the many establishments is the IPedge by Toshiba brought to you Tri-Tel.

IPedge Technology in Elgin, IL

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When one talks about voice communication, it is vital to take note of the many aspects it covers such as voicemail, call processing including call forwarding and transfers, and a more advanced centralize system management, to name a few. Toshiba’s IPedge has the capacity to put together several telecomm applications in a single server. In most cases, each application requires its own server to perform accordingly; IPedge gets rid of this kind of set up. It can run multiple communication apps through its optimized server that can also cater with up to 1,000 user capacity at a time. Elgin’s rapidly expanding business structures can very well take advantage of this technology especially that productivity and customer satisfaction is of the essence.

• User advantage

It is always a businessman’s dilemma on how to keep tabs with internal and external communications. In fact, in the past, communication systems were very limited to 2-way calling, voice and fax services, and lines could not be taken anywhere. Today, however, portability of communication devices and its technology has given entrepreneurs many reasons to be productive in their business. Toshiba’s IPedge can very well get everyone connected regardless of geographical boundaries and time difference. Choose the preferred system from a wide array of IP desk or wall-mountable devices, wireless IP telephones to be used over wireless LAN or mobile service, SIP and analog telephones, DSS and attendant consoles, add-on modules and the SoftIPT™ soft phone for notebook users.

The spontaneous interface of the IPedge technology is also proven to be user-friendly, as it doesn’t vary with the way individuals generally use a telephone. Also, there are simple instructions carefully laid out on the LCD screen for reference, and the widely used features are easily programmed to the system for a more comfortable experience.

• Communication made easy

Toshiba offers an advanced system with IPedge as it handles call effectively and efficiently. For one, the Call Manager application combines the capabilities of a computer and a Toshiba telephone to come up with one powerful tool. With Call Manager, users can dial a number, answer, transfer or forward calls and more, without the need to use an actual telephone; everything can be done with just a click of the mouse.

CRM integration is also possible with IPedge. With it, programs such as Microsoft® Outlook™, Act!®, and many more enable anyone connected to the system to send instant messages, emails, relay messages to multiple users and create multiple chat sessions, among others. Another application known as presence capabilities enables each user to check the status of fellow workers, send out pertinent information, and above all, serve clients via a straightforward communications platform.

Voicemail is another powerful feature integrated in the IPedge. Among the voice processing applications, voicemail is one of the tools that records and conveys important messages to end-users in their absence. With voicemail inside IPedge, voice processing is easily created and used and customer satisfaction is highly guaranteed.

Toshiba’s Meeting application in IPedge is also an additional tool that offers dial-in audio meeting and internet scheduling, conference recording, usage reporting and desktop sharing collaboration. Since it is web based, any user can participate in the collaboration as long as internet is around. Again, it is an outstanding feature for any kind of business, big or small.

• Dedicated contact center

As an enterprise gets bigger, so is the need to cater to expanding customer demands. It has been proven time and again that a huge call center is not always the answer to the ever growing network of internal and external contacts. With Toshiba’s dedicated contact center, solutions are still delivered quickly, effectively and most of all, with no hefty sum of money involved. This capability alone not just solves the issue, but provides a cutthroat advantage in the market as well.

• Stability

With all the above features and extensive application integrated in the IPegde, entrepreneurs will find it very satisfying to know that the stability of the technology is unparalleled. It is understandable that business establishments today have put a great trust in the capacity of computers, printers, and anything technical to keep the operations afloat. With Toshiba’s IPedge, users can be assured that the IP telephone lines will carry on with its intended operations twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

IPedge Management and Support by Tri-Tel in Elgin, IL

Toshiba IPedge also has a fail-safe technology which guarantees a backup system should the primary one fails. It is in fact one of the many reliable technologies that Tri-Tel offers to guarantee continued operations despite any glitches it may encounter.

For any business to prosper, it is always important to come up with concrete plans on how to pave the way towards success. From the smallest decisions to grand scheme plans, every inch of operations strategies should only lead to more opportunities to explore and conquer.

Tri-Tel gives you the confidence to take your VoIP communication system for granted. You can trust us to take of your needs and go beyond the norms of customer service and satisfaction. Not only that, help lines and product support are included in case of emergencies and other unforeseen events. And with our unmatched experience in communications technology, a new definition of success is underway.

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