Tri-Tel Technical Services has been in operation for 31 years. In those years that passed from 1985 to the present, a lot of things in the industry of telecommunications have changed, but at the same time a lot of things have stayed the same.

From our starting years up until now, we are proud to say that we have provided smart solutions and affordable upgrades for over 1500 businesses and individual clients. These clients may have come from different business backgrounds, there is but one “common denominator”: the desire to have their business run as effectively and as smoothly as possible.

So what if you have just realized that you no longer have enough telephone lines to accommodate incoming calls from customers? Or maybe there has been a recent increase in the size of your staff and office space that simply yelling for someone in the hallway won’t cut it. Or maybe you have thought of having a professional and more convenient system for your customers to be able to reach you. What can you do?

The truth is that there is a need for excellence in the level of your performance and productivity, no matter what size or condition your business is currently in. There is always a need for your company to be able to give the best possible service to your clients, no matter what it takes. There is also a need to be the pioneer in your field – a trailblazer, paving the way for the next generation of companies and business people exploring your own field.

There are many other instances for which you will need your business to be in its top shape. For all these instances, you will definitely need something you can count on – something that won’t let you down even under pressure. For all these instances, a good modern communications system can help you run your business.

A Certain Kind of Change is Brewing

But what then has changed? What has changed (and is, as I believe, still changing) in this past 26 years is the definition of “communications system.” And I don’t mean the dictionary meaning. Back in the days, this meant having a receptionist to take and make your calls, some digital telephones, and a voice mail. While this is extremely functional, the recent up-spike in technology has rendered this system sufficient in running a business, but insufficient in keeping up with your competition.

Nowadays, everything has to be more complicated. “Communications system” now often includes dynamic T-1 circuits, MPLS, local and long distance services, poSIP Trunking, conference phones, (Voice-Over IP (VOIP), promotions on hold, and even computer networks. As these new, more sophisticated technologies, continue to emerge and become commonplace in various offices, even the definition of the word “office” is changing rapidly (with the inclusion of tele-workers, flexible staffing, and the internet).

It is now, more than ever, that individual businesses need excellent communications system. And it is now, more than ever, that you need personal solutions for your business communications needs.

How We Can Help

Tri-Tel Inc. specializes in designing first-rate custom systems that are 100% capable of accommodating your various needs, no matter how dynamic your business’ growth is. We have teams of capable analysts, who are always ready to assist you in determining your specific needs in terms of telephone systems, computer and data cabling, and paging/intercom systems.

Aside from those, we also offer services on camera systems, telephone replacement and repairs, conferencing solutions, Call Centers, Voice and Data Cabling, voice mail systems, and system to system networking. If that is not enough, we also provide free phone system analysis, maintenance contracts, local and long distance and internet access, delivery and/or installation, and other technical services.

Throughout our partnership, we will help you make wise decisions on the most appropriate type of communications system suitable for your business’ needs. We will also ensure that every service we render and product we distribute is another league of its own in terms of excellence and quality. Even I won’t doubt the possibility of our communications system enduring through the next century!

What’s the big difference?

Through the years of bringing top quality services to our clients, we at Tri-Tel Inc. know the need for and the value of dependable service. Here in our company, we value every ounce of trust that you place on us and do our best not to disappoint you.
You can therefore be sure that we only use top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment from top brands with impeccable reputations world-wide. Here in Tri-Tel Inc, we are very proud to be a dealer Tri-Tel Inc is a dealer of Toshiba and Vertical/Comdial products.

We also know the importance of having dependable and competent people in our team. As much as the level of our service depends on the quality of products we use, it also largely depends on the people we employ. You can rest easy knowing that Tri-Tel Inc has teams of qualified individuals, with the experience, excellence and creativity required to serve you better.

Times are surely changing, and along it you can be sure that we are improving too. And although we’ve grown so much over the years, you’ll be glad to know that we haven’t developed a “big corporate attitude” that plagues so many companies nowadays. Our feet are firmly planted on the ground as we continually provide our clients with sterling personal services, no matter who they are or how big their companies are. In Tri-Tel Inc, there is no favoritism whatsoever. Our success is simply the result of our hard-earned reputation for our outstanding services.

Call us today and let’s discuss what the future has in store for your business communications. Call us and experience quality service unlike any other. Or maybe you can email us at Our friendly customer service representatives will be glad to take your calls and inquiries.