Understanding CCTV Cameras & Surveillance Systems

surveillance-cameraGiven the troubled times we live in, it is always a good idea to protect your establishment. Your business or home may be situated in a high-risk area, and this is going to cause you to look for stable and robust security measures. When it comes to situation like this, you also need to have a look at CCTV. There are CCTV cameras everywhere these days, especially in businesses that deal heavily with the public. Security surveillance is used to protect both the employees of the business and the customers that the company deals with, so this is not an unusual stance to take. Nowadays, a significant portion of homeowners are also installing surveillance technology for their own homes. A good CCTV camera is not difficult to find, but you do need to be careful when it comes to shopping for them. If you want to get a security camera, you have to take a close look at what you need.

The Quality of the Camera

If you are business owner, then you need a high-quality camera that will provide you with a clear image. Cheaper cameras will often provide fuzzy images and may not get all of the information. If there is a burglar in your store, you will want to know what his or her face looks like. If the camera is able to provide you with a clear image then you will be able to use this image in order to prosecute the individual.

Data Storage

Businesses especially need to make sure that they have a secure storage of the data that has been captured by these cameras. You will have to take a look at the choices available when it comes to the different storage options. DVRs or digital video recorders have the capacity to record every second of what your camera is seeing. These are tagged with date and time. Generally, DVRs store the video on their hard disks. Since hard disks do have a limitation, a backup is essential. Backups can be done of optical media such as DVDs, or on tapes. The quantum of backup you keep depend upon the environment and the type of business you have. Check with the local police station, and they will tell you what you need to do. Most homes can make do with about a week to fortnight of recording, as long as there is no untoward incident. It may be worthwhile to random view these recording to see if there is any untoward incident. If there has been a burglary in your neighborhood, it is good idea to see the recording for a few days before and after that incident.

Modern surveillance systems also provide ‘cloud based surveillance’. This means that you camera sends all it video directly to the service provider who stores the recoding on his hard disks. This will costs you a monthly fee, and will cameras or equipment that can work with the Internet. You also need a 24/7 Internet connection.

Home versus Business

Make sure to get the right camera for your specific needs. A higher quality camera is often going to be used in business and retail environments. In cases like this, it is also a good idea to put up a sign informing people that they are being recorded on a camera. When you put up a sign like this, you will be able to avoid any legal issues that may arise. Of course, legal issues can depend on where you happen to live at the time.

Camera Types

Cameras are evolving with technology. From analog and digital cameras, we now have wireless cameras and IP cameras. Though essentially they all do the same job, these variations refer to the way the video images are transmitted. Wireless cameras can transmit all images on your wireless LAN, and would need just power cables to be attached. We also have battery powered cameras, but that will mean the hassle to checking the battery condition regularly. IP cameras take the concept of wireless to the next step. They have a fixed IP address. With software installed on your PC or smart phone, you can log into the IP address and view the video capture from any part of the globe. All you need is an Internet connection for both the camera and your PC/smart phone.

Go Shopping

Even though you are looking for a quality piece of equipment, this does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money. There are a lot of deals that you can find if you decide to go shopping around. Always make sure to look at the specifications that each camera has before you decide to sign anything. Make sure it is matched well to the other surveillance equipment you are getting. See if there is a warranty as well. You do not want to end up spending more money than you have to when it comes to your security system at home or at work.

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