Enhance your Business through Unified Communication

UC or Unified communication is the technology that integrates a group of communication devices on a single platform and redirects text, emails and voice messages on a real time basis to the closest device of the recipient. Thus, if a user receives an email then it would be delivered to his/her desktop, smartphone or PDA. On the other hand if he/she receives a voice mail then it would be sent to his/her smartphone or laptop. A complete unified communication system lets the user send information from one device and allows the recipient to receive the same on another. Thus the message or information always get delivered.  

unified communicationBusinesses employing UC can enjoy a bouquet of advantages in the form of improved work flow, higher productivity and lower costs of operation. Project management too would become an easy task by using collaboration and productivity tools. These can be achieved even when the users are located thousands of miles away from one another. Some of the tools that are used in a unified communication system are VoIP calls, instant messaging and video conferencing. Companies can use their unified communication to set their own communication goals and break from the confines of the office premises.

Given below are some of the positive impacts of unified communication:

Better and more contact with clients

A business would be able to maintain better and more contacts with their clients. The clients would be able to receive and send information more frequently and directly to the concerned department on a real time basis. They will not be required to wait for long hours to get a problem solved. Thus, the customer care or sales departments will be able to cater to large numbers of customers within a small time. Not only calls but executives can even arrange video conferences to speak with the client as if he was actually present in a meeting hall with the client. 

Increased efficiency and additional productivity

With introduction of UCs, companies can expect to increase their efficiently and productivity. Employees would be able to coordinate better with different types of UC tools at their disposal. Project management would become a lot easier as the unified communication architecture can even integrate your CRM and ERP systems.

Delivery of accurate information and data to clients

Clients can expect to get accurate data and information from the companies that have unified communication. The system allows the synchronization of various devices on the same platform. For example, during a conversation or a video call, you can allow the client to see specific screens of data as it is being processed by your ERP system.

Availability and enhancing customer confidence

Unified communication has made it easier for company executives to remain in touch with their clients 24×7. Thus an executive of the company would be virtually always at the service of their customers. This would help to build confidence among the customers. The goodwill of the company would also receive a boost with the increase in the number of satisfied customers. Customers would also be able to access the video conference facility to get into a one-to-one interaction with the concerned personnel.

No additional costs

Companies will not be required to spend a fortune trying to get new customers. The unified communication system would give them a global presence. Thus, new customers can be reached with minimum budget. Companies would be able to hire employees who would cater to new markets even if the company does not have a physical presence in a particular region or a country.

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